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Perfume Memoire Cherie by Elizabeth Arden c1956

Memoire cherie become this kind of success that with the aid of 1960, it was provided the grand coupe d'or award by the comite du bon gout francais.

    "Elizabeth Arden has been offered the treasured coupe d’or of Francee for “terrific achievement in the improvement of memoire cherie, the finest perfume ever created and acclaimed through france.”

  •     memoire cherie fragrance mist brought in 1957.
  •     memoire cherie flower mist launched in december 1963.
  •     the weekender kit became created around 1964.

    “Elizabeth Arden presents for christmas memoire cherie flower mist. a brand new flowering just in time for christmas! this sensitive rendering of the sector’s most prized fragrance lends an charisma of attraction to at least one’s lighter moments. a memorable gift! in a beautiful bottle frosted in bas comfort. $four.50”

 May also 1964:

    "elizabeth arden makes this spring memorable with the new memoire cherie duet ... the sector’s maximum prized perfume* can now be yours in an interesting aggregate, a beautiful golden aerosol atomizer of memoire cherie fragrance mist together with memoire cherie dusting powder, bear in mind all of your pals all the days of springtime with the memoire cherie duet. and don’t overlook your self! for springtime most effective $6.00."

it changed into available in the following:

  •  parfum dusting powder
  •     perfume mist
  •     flower mist
  •     eau de parfum tub oil
  •     bathtub essence
  •     bathtub soap
  •     frame lotion (moisture tub)
  •     fluffy milk tub
  •     perfumed candle

Perfume composition:

So what does it scent like? it's far categorised as a floral powdery aldehydic fragrance for girls with refreshing woodsy notes. It starts with a fresh aldehydic pinnacle, followed by means of a sweet floral coronary heart, resting on a heat, powdery, mossy base.

1.    pinnacle notes: aldehydes, mandarin, orange blossom, clary sage, sicilian bergamot, mexican neroli, fresh apricot
2.   middle notes: honey, carnation, ylang ylang, orchid, romanian chamomile, jasmine, tarragon, honey, oriental rose, violet
3.   base notes: opoponax, civet, leather-based, moroccan oakmoss, amber, musk, and haitian vetiver

Destiny of the perfume:

The perfume changed into discontinued someday inside the early to mid Eighties. i should best find commercials for the fragrance up till 1980.

Irma shorell, inc. is the modern-day owner of united states patent and trademark office registration no. 2,427,336 for the memoire cherie trademark for perfume and different perfume products, however no longer the method.

Perfumery comments, "a memorable deception indeed, layers and layers of beauty..every with a one-of-a-kind face. memoire cherie perfume starts offevolved with a classically constructed 50's woody-floral accord, tightly wrapped collectively; dense and watching for air. after a second of hesitation, memoire cherie escapes and descends right into a rich and terrific oriental accord; creamy, nutty and sensual past perception. it is as though the fragrance walked out of the room and came returned in a new outfit. this great heat amber musk tone has a gentle floralcy which dances across the base and consists of on for hours and hours. at the quit, the oriental base settles down under the floralcy and memoire cherie walks quietly into the night time. " -- Jeffrey dame

word: please understand that this website is not affiliated with the elizabeth arden corporation in any way, it is most effective a reference page for creditors and people who have enjoyed the elizabeth arden fragrances. 

the intention of this internet site is to show the existing owners of the elizabeth arden enterprise how plenty we pass over the discontinued classics together with the unique memoire cherie and with a bit of luck, in the event that they see that there is sufficient hobby and call for, they will convey lower back the perfume!

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