Monday, September 18, 2017

The History of Calvin Klein Perfume

1968 – 1980

Calvin Klein first set up shop at York Hotel in NYC in 1968. With a little money of $ 10,000, Calvin Klein quickly gained popularity among New York fashion and was featured on the cover of Vogue magazine in September 1969 - the most important edition of fashion magazine.

With success early on, Klein expanded its reach in 1971, adding sportswear, blazer, and underwear to his ladies collection. In 1973 he won the Coty American Fashion Critics Award for his collection, and again in 1974 and 1975. In 1977, revenues reached over $ 30 million and had branched into shawls, shoes, belts, animal fur, cosmetics, pants jeans, men's sunglasses and men's glasses.

 At the same time, Klein’s fragrances and cosmetics began to take a dive which led to their withdrawal from the market.

1980 – 2000

After experiencing bad things in 1979, different in the 1990s, the company experienced very rapid growth. Especially because the underwear, sportswear and fragrant are increasingly popular. Although the brand continues to increase with Calvin being named 'Best American Designer' in 1993.

In 2002, Calvin Klein was eventually sold to Phillips Van Heusen Corp. with $ 400 million in cash, $ 30 million in stock and 15 years of licenses and royalties. While Calvin himself still serves as the creative leader for the collection, it soon turns to the role of creative advisor.

Calvin Klein Perfume History

The women were rewarded with Calvin Klein in 1985 with an instantaneous aromatic success of Obsession. With an intriguing mix of oranges, vanilla and green, combined with sandalwood, spices and musk, Obsession is still one of Calvin Klein's most powerful and sensual features. Versions for men followed, and consumers can now vary their Obsessions with Obsession Night and Obsession Sheer.

As a creativity expert who prides himself on having a pulse on the finger of society. It is no wonder that Calvin Klein tapped grunge movement in the 1990s, producing CK One, the same appealing fragrance worn by men or women. With a striking black-and-white ad featuring androgynous models. CK One is an instant and unmatched success. A mixture of fruits and spices, including bergamot, pineapple and green tea, CK One is a mild and intimate aroma, and someone seems to have to smell it to you.

Individually and interestingly, Calvin Klein makes the scent suitable for everyone. Here are some of the most popular products of Calvin Klein:

    1. Eternity

        Although there are versions for men like Eternity Moment, Purple Orchid and Rose Blush, the classical Eternity is a blend of a beautiful flower bouquet combined with patchouli and yellow, evoking immortality and romance.

    2. CK Be

Another unisex aroma, Calvin Klein perfume is a blend of wooden musk that serves light and soft, making it fun to wear during the day. It combines mandarin, magnolia and peach under musk.

  3.  Contradiction

        A strong but feminine scent, hence the name Contradiction. By mixing roses and sandalwood with pure pepper, create a vibrant, toned and even exhilarating aroma. This variant is also available for men.

   4. Escape

        A sexy floral scent, Escape combines apple, mandarin, rose, prunes and peaches, with a touch of musk and sandalwood. The aroma is indeed romantic, mood-setting. For male versions it also tends to have more aroma and is perfectly suited outdoors.

    5. Euphoria

        A delightful blend of fruits and flowers such as pomegranates, black persimmons and black orchids, Euphoria is a romantic perfume with a very attractive bottle. Another version of Euphoria Blossom, Euphoria Luster and Euphoria for men.

      6. CK One

In April 2007, a new version of Calvin Klein's perfume was a phenomenon ready to attract attention. twenty years of modern. CK in2u, a title that reminds the abbreviations used for instant messaging. Is the scent of the generation of "technoseksual", as dubbed the company. Even the bottle, made of white plastic and glass, like an iPod.