Friday, September 8, 2017

The French Perfume

The French perfume goes back to its history around the 17th century. The city of Grasse, in Provence, has been considered as the center of the manufacture of French perfume, and is still considered as a power by its fragrances throughout the perfume industry. The first French perfumes were often made from vegetable oils and resins. These perfumes are usually sprinkled on the clothes to give the user an attractive scent. Many people tend to buy perfumes to use these fragrances on the furniture in their home to act as an air freshener.

The French colonies developed in the 18th century were used for medicinal purposes as well as aesthetically. As chemical technology began to advance in the 19th century, French perfumes began to grow more and more, having then more complex formulas. Every day the number of people who like to buy perfumes increases and makes the French perfume industry remain as active as it was in its beginnings.

The French region of Provence is believed to be especially conducive to the manufacture of perfumes, due to the many fragrant flowers growing there. These flowers are jasmine, mimosa, rose and lavender. Their fragrances are often considered as traditional for many people who love to buy perfumes, along with aromas such as bergamot, lemon and rosemary. Ingredients of animal origin such as musk or amber gray have traditionally been used in many French colonies and perfumes.

Although many of the flowers generally used to make the French perfume are native to Provence, they can now be grown in other parts of the world. Fragrant flowers can often be grown in regions of India or Africa and imported to those responsible for the creation of the French perfume for a fraction of the cost of growing and harvesting these flowers near Grasse. What they do not know who usually buy perfumes is that they can get to take hundreds of thousands of flowers to produce 16 ounces (0.47 liters) of essential oil for the manufacture of the French perfumes.

Although Grasse has subcontracted part of its floriculture, the city still continues to produce large quantities of vegetable products that are used in the French perfume industry. Most of the inhabitants of Grasse are believed to work in the perfume industry in some capacity. The city of Grasse is still known for making the essential fragrances that are used to make high end French perfumes such as Dior and Chanel. Because of this, it is one of the favorite places for those who want to buy high quality perfumes.


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