Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Meditation Perfume

Otherwise, it is known as the smell I like when I try to stop my mind for ten minutes. Perfume Meditation With the new year, I decided to do a 30 day meditation challenge.

It's so simple, you only need 10 minutes each day to sit with yourself. I'm sure many of you meditate or have tried it or at least are familiar with why / how you did it. Given my tendency to be flibbertygibbet, meditation is a challenge, but I have three days under my belt.

The first day was torture, the second day more tortured because I remember how much I hated the first day. Yesterday, I was kind of waiting for my torture, which was not all tortured. I hope it varies from day to day, but I am fully committed to doing this because someone like me really needs something like this.

I do not even want to talk about my latest OCD involving many vegan cookbooks, pressure cookers and - well, it will not be pretty, I know that. As I sat the semen pad me om'ing in my head last night, my hand went up to comb my hair back, and I smelled something spectacular and entertaining. I had forgotten that I had used Soervohle's Meerschaum in my hands.

Then I spent the rest of my ten minutes thinking about that great tobacco smell, and it reminded me of my dad and some of my best memories of late night and tobacco-burning aromas as I felt happy, contented, protected. , likes the way a kid you can not get after 13. This is not a cuter version like Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille, nor is it the way on your face like Kilian's Back to Black.

 It's rich, stinging, but wearing close to the skin so you do not go for a walk while yelling "I'm a Tobacco shop !!!" with your ward. There is a beautiful little cinnamon note floating on tobacco leaves and matches. I do not know what memory he is living, but it is a tobacco ideal for me. And that is a great Meditation Perfume.

 Obviously, not stinging, and very meditative in the most entertaining way. Now, I did not know that it helped my meditation at all. Meditation has no purpose except to just do it and keep working on it, but it makes me think of a good Perfume Meditation.

So I added my 30 day meditation challenge by taking a different aroma from me every night and seeing if it had an impact on my uproar or not. Idea idea? The smell of natural incense, so I will try all the CdG incense series, and I have some Cirebon Trudon scent bombs that I will try. I think some PdN will work well here, like D'une Fete.

If you meditate, do you take the scent with you? Is that annoying? No? What is the best scent?