Wednesday, September 27, 2017

History Of Aerin Perfume

In this hard-working family, it's not unusual to join this business. First, he became part of the marketing team of Prescriptives. Then Aerin joined the Estée Lauder brand itself, in 1995, and - with an excellent sense of style - in 2004 took over the post of Senior Vice President, Creative Director, who oversaw all creative endeavors: imaging, packaging, advertising, store design , visual merchandising and more, touting an exciting time for the brand.

But in 2007, Aerin Lauder had expressed his love for fragrance with a very special project, Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia. Two other creations are followed, in this exclusive Estee Lauder lineup: The Jasmine White Moss Private Collection, and the Amber Ylang Ylang Personal Collection - each a 'spin' in an unpleasant discovery: an unfinished 20-year Collection of Private Collections that have been hidden in the vault by Estée himself for 20 years.

The perfect ambassador for the collection, Aerin became the first family member to appear in an advertising campaign. Aerin holds the Director of Style and Drawings at Estée Lauder. And then: Aerol Lauder's arrival to launch its own line of fragrances.

As Aerin explains: 'Each perfume sets different moods and feelings for every part of a woman's life and life.' With his attention to detail - we are sure he will not mind us calling him a perfectionist - Aerin doing Every scent has an unexpected touch, while digging into the treasure chest of his travel memories.

Flowers are at the heart of every scent. Beautiful, fancy and feminine flowers make you smile, make your senses come alive. "Beyond that, Amber Musk is inspired by the time in the Austrian mountains, in winter: 'We will ski all the time in Kitzbühel. a calm and comfortable moment, but - for that element of surprise, we combine it with coconut. '(He was right when he observed that people thought he was addictive ...)

Gardenia Rattan 'reminds me of the summer: beaches, fresh grass, time at my grandmother's house in Cap Ferrat.' And then, Aerin reveals, 'Evening Rose is like an unforgettable night; It's feminine, luxurious, but we added Cognac to it. "This is the scent Aerin feels closest to something his grandmother might have created:" She always likes roses, and when she creates a fragrance, she will say, "put in more roses again, go up more."

'Aerin definitely does it in The beautiful, luxurious, and recent Rose de Grasse-which has since joined Tangier Vanille (ridden magic carpet into Morocco) and the fabulous and fresh Mediterranean Honeysuckle, which showcased the flowers he loved for long.

 2017 sees the launch of two new trio, the first is a luxurious hand extension of the luxurious and intense perfume that sits alongside the Rose de Grasse d'Or. Tangier Vanille d'Or, the Amber Musk d'Or and the Evening Rose d'Or will not only attract the attention of the worshipers of the original fragrance, but also seduce lovers of sensual and luxurious scents everywhere. In contrast, other collections are cool and fresh.

The Rose Garden is, quite simply, freshly watered fresh roses picked directly from the bushes, while Bamboo Rose is inspired by the Zen garden in Japan. As Aerin comments: 'The aroma itself relaxes me, energizes me or inspires me ...' And finally, there's Linen Rose, who gets inspired from Aerin's garden on Long Island.

Aerin Lauder is involved with every aspect of creating everything that carries its name: from what is in the bottle to the flambone itself, with its sculptured lid, very satisfying, and reminiscent of semi-precious stones, and color-inspired colored boxes- to expand the line-up. Aerin is married to two teenage boys and - like the rest of his family - 'giving back' is very important to him.

 The idea is successful? As Aerin Lauder said to Harper's Bazaar magazine, this is quite simple: 'Happiness. People love what you have created. 'And really, with this gorgeous fragrance, Aerin, it's not that hard ...