Friday, September 8, 2017

Grasse France, the place where perfumes are born!

Where does your perfume come from? From France! Respond and respond with some conceit. French perfume is interpreted as an analogy of an olfactory status that awakens sensations. A good smell can communicate with certain memories, to transport us. Today I take you on a trip to the city of Grasse in France; to the place where perfumes are born.

-  Grasse France, travel perfumed by French Provence
We were in the city of Nice with a sultry summer heat. The French Cote d'Azur is a fatiguing human swarm coming from all latitudes. We wanted to escape to a nearer destination cooler, a matter of slowing the pace of a trip with a certain "chic and sophisticated". This is how we ended up in Provence, to visit and discover the aromatic city of Grasse.
  - Grasse, the perfume capital of the world

Stung by the intrigue we traveled the streets of the city, seeking to know and inhale the details about the history and the mystery of the manufacture of a perfume.
 Walking around we find several perfumed houses of tradition. It is enough to be carried away by smell. Then we enter the house Galimard museum, historical perfumers since 1747. The reception was pompous and of excessive attention (very French). A blond woman, elegant and of course well perfumed received us. She would be the guide of a route that promised to submerge us in the details of the aromas.

Between boilers and stills, we discover the delicate ways in which the essences of plants are extracted, and how the petals are transformed into exquisite perfume. We knew that the glass container brought glamor to the perfumery, and that there are many raw materials to create a perfume: flowers, fruits, wood, beeswax and even the fat of certain animals (although synthetic raw materials are now used).
The walk in the museum allowed us to immerse ourselves in an unknown and strange world. I learned, for example, that each being possesses its perfume, its unique elixir, its olfactory identity. In the middle of the flower-filled cauldrons, I remembered my trip in search of the poppy field and the lavender fields in Grignan, what beautiful memories!