Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Alien Eau de Parfum Spray

The perfume bottle that holds this concoction reminiscent of a sacred stone. Like gems, the facets express the mysterious scent of Thierry Mugler's scent.

I've always been very picky about perfume. Back in middle school the only perfume I'd wear was Avon's Night Magic Evening Musk. All the super sweet, froufrou perfumes my friends wore smelled awful to me.

Until now I've sans-perfume. Nobody really catches my nose. This one, oh yes. I wear whenever I am not at work (food service and aroma is not mixed). It's nice to spray a little after a shower. Not too sweet, quite warm. Likes.

Alien is the most mesmerizing perfume I have ever had the pleasure of using.
It is definitely not overpowering yet remains for hours and hours.
I highly recommend that you try Alien and Angel and see which you might prefer. I TOTALLY ADORE ALIEN....!!!! It takes me to other worlds.

I was introduced to this scent by a sales person inside a Macy's about 2 years ago. I remember it very clearly . It changed my life I just knew i had to have it! I get endless compliments every time i wear it. But even if I didn't I would not stop wearing I feel incredibly clean and sexy wearing it! Must admit sometimes when people ask me what I'm wearing I hesitate saying the name because I wanna keep the scent to myself.

I highly recommend this fragrance. I get so many compliments every time I wear this. Alien is the best fragrance I've ever worn. I have used many other high end perfumes and this one captivates those around you. Best ever