Friday, September 29, 2017

About Can Can Paris Hilton for women

 CAN CAN Paris Hilton for women is a very feminine and sophisticated aroma, with a provocative edge.

"I want to create a luster that expresses a glistening sparkle, something that will make me feel very sexy and glamorous and that's what happens when I wear CAN CAN." - Paris Hilton 

 Release Year: 2007

 I must say that Paris Hilton's perfume was made very well. I avoid them for a long time because I assume they will be cheap and just a way to make money quickly.

But I could not have been more wrong in that, because it's clear that a lot of time, attention and attention has been given to developing high-quality perfumes at affordable prices.

 Can be used as an "elegant but fun" fragrance, inspired by Can-Can dancers from the Moulin Rouge cabaret. It was developed by Jean-Claude Delville's perfume.

 Like Paris's previous efforts, it has many fruits and flowers, but Can Can is meant to take cues from more sexy oriental fragrances (note: clementine flowers, cassis, nectarines, wild orchids, orange flowers, musk, amber and wood). Look at this The French Perfume

 You will not see from the opening, which is a very sweet fruit with vanilla cake, and invite a comparison with Britney Spears Fantasy. After settling though, it's warmer and less fruitful (and much sweeter), and though it never gets dark or sultry, I think you can say that it's a tempting oriental category. After about an hour, it smells like a pretty basic wooden musk with a bit of pale yellow.