Wednesday, September 27, 2017


1. 12 years. 

Created in 2005 by Mr. Mugler, Alien Eau de Parfum is celebrating his 10 year anniversary this year. Over the past decade, the fragrance has embodied the "power of the Solar Goddess, who radiates, fascinates and affirms herself through her virtues in society to seek spirituality and new values", according to its creator.

2. Four flagship creations. 

The Alien Collection includes four excellent products - Alien Eau de Parfum (2005), Alien Eau de Toilette (2008), Alien Essence Absolue (2012) and Alien Eau Extraordinaire (2014) -, which are equally brilliant flankers have been added, such as Alien Oud Majestueux (2015), as well as bath and body products enriched with pure gold sparkle.

3. Two types of jasmine. 

Two types of jasmine attract the perfume's attention: grandiflorum, with fruit, herbaceous notes, and sambac with green, sensual and sweet notes colored by the scent of orange flowers ... This 100% sun variety is chosen for use in alien fragrances More specifically, the absolute: in South India, in the proper season, women in sari clothing rose at dawn to select budding jasmine sambac carefully with their fingertips, from which the precious concentrate was extracted at the same time. Freshness is guaranteed.

4. Fabulous material. 

Eight million jasmine flowers are required to make one kilogram of concentrated oil. It is one of the most sought after absolutes in the world ...

5. Bottle-like gems. 

Every talent like Alien bottle draws its strength from precious gemstones: amethyst to Eau de Parfum, amethyst crystals for Eau de Toilette, gold topaz for Essence Absolue and stone crystals for Eau Extraordinaire ...

6. Good amethyst. 

Radiation and vibration of this gemstone is said to reduce stress and tension, while promoting meditation. It is therefore a symbol of tranquility and balance. All of this has contributed to be the inspiration for the bottle of Alien Eau de Parfum.

7. One bottle, 11 steps. 

From mixing of raw materials to melting in the furnace; for the formation of a drop of glass and its distribution into the mold, bottle bottoming, first blow, round, and second blow; smoothing process using fire for last shooting and cooling ... no less than 11 steps required to make a bottle of Alien Eau de Parfum.

8. Red, a challenge point. 

The red color (therefore purple) is difficult to make in the manufacture of glass. But not impossible ... After much research on how to create this color, the perfect homogeneous color is finally created, that is amethyst.Perennial aroma.The alien bottle, regarded as a permanent creation, can be refilled thanks to refillable eco lines, as well as Thierry Mugler Source for Eau de Parfum fragrances. Along with other Mugler fragrances, immortality can be achieved through a simple gesture.

9. A luminous campaign. 

A solar goddess who is accused of having positive and benevolent energy is shown in the spotlight. To realize this vision, the concept of the divinity of Thierry Mugler radiates, literally. The white and gold dress she wore was lit from inside thanks to the LED lights and the optical fibers that arranged it. It was the first, an achievement of technical prowess. Quite magical