Wednesday, September 13, 2017

5 Perfumes For Seduction

Perfume is a 'complementary' appearance of your everyday that you can not do without. In addition to putting the last personal touch on your image, you can be a strong ally in terms of seduction.

And what is it, you know that choosing the right scent can arouse a man's desire? There is a very interesting fragrance for them; Wood, flower like jasmine, very sensual ylang ylang or lavender is her favorite in female body.

But, besides, there is an aroma that can evoke a very different man's sensation: passion, tenderness, romanticism, absolute appeal ... We suggest 5 perfumes where you will find the weapons you need all the time. Of course, all with a common denominator: seduction.

 1. Manifesto, by Yves Saint Laurent

 The perfume has fresh produce from bergamot and red berries, but is then intensified with white flowers (Sambac watermelon and lily of the valley) plus avainillada and wooden mats.

 2. Boss Nuit, by Hugo Boss

The last fragrance of Hugo Boss is sensual, nocturnal and a bit mischievous. And it is that combines the richness of jasmine and violet with the freshness of the white peach.

 3. Potion for Woman, de Dsquared2

An authentic potion of seduction with this eau de parfum that has some absolutely sensual ingredients: fresh bergamot, wild currants and violet on its way out; petals of rose with dew, jasmine and lilies of the valley of heart; background of patchouli, musks, black amber and vanilla. Delicious!

 4. Jasmin Black The Elixir, from Bvlgari

A perfume with a feminine aroma and a perfume that collects the essence of bergamot, orange and jasmine. For those who want to leave a trace but not sting the smell

 5. Eau Sensuelle, from Rochas

Those who are looking for an intense aroma but are not accustomed to a very pungent aroma, choose this. arom Orange peel combined with jasmine and sambac nuts to create a romantic combination with a touch of roach.