Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Magnolia de Verano by The Exotic Island Perfumer for women

I got the possibility to attempt a sample of magnolio de verano, via the uncommon island perfumer, lately. that is a reworked model of the previously released 2012 heady scent.

A clean lemony sparkle opens this fragrance beautifully. it is a excellent blend of italian lemon, citron, and bergamot.

The heady scent speedy settles into what must be a pretty magnolia. Yes, i live in virginia and don't know exactly what magnolia smells like. Finally this folds into a creaminess that i can not get sufficient of. in keeping with the perfumer, juan perez, that is probably the jasmine he's covered, alongside the magnolia running alongside this complete heady scent, and it is lovable.

All of this splendor culminates in greater creamy goodness: a beautiful sandalwood meets cedar meets haitian vetiver.

New to this model: in keeping with juan perez, this time it's "extra about the flower and less approximately the tree." the citrus top notes are now a higher high-quality, the magnolia flower runs all through the length of the scent, as previously referred to, and the woods "are extra comfy."

Magnolia de verano wears thickly for numerous hours with a softly wafting creamy base lasting some distance longer. it's, for me, full bottle worthy. but another slam dunk for this underrated perfumer. look for it on etsy quickly! (exoticislandaromas)

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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Hermes Rose Ikebana (perfume assessment) - as compared to ysl in love again

Hermes Rose Ikebana

Hermes Rose Ikebana was right away considered one of my favorite perfumes. I nevertheless consider once I first tried it: it become a sunny sunday within the spring, and i was status in my lavatory once I first sprayed it on my arm. inside the first 10 seconds, it became fairly robust, with three main notes punching out and struggling ahead as though they had been each racing to monopolize the fragrance. I without delay smelled the sharpness of grapefruit, the warmth of rose petals (sans the powder you discover in fragrances by way of designers aside from jean claude ellena), and the damp tug of black tea to tie the 2 together. after which, perhaps the most crucial addition, the rhubarb is there. It changed into now not a unique, detectable observe in that first sniff—due to the fact actually, how many among us can understand the fragrance of rhubarb? within the starting, i thought it to be an bizarre lemon, blended with the grapefruit, which became sharp and neither sweet nor bitter, and closing particularly tart for the duration of the drydown. only later might i find out that it turned into rhubarb with the tea that made this hermessence so specific. Rose ikebana turned into, in those pinnacle observe moments, a powerful fragrance.

Then, as i recollect, it seemed to fade for a second. I questioned if the perfume would be that fleeting… however later in the day, i usually sniffed my arm and caught whiffs of rose ikebana at the air around me. It has first-rate sillage, in truth, so it’s a perfume that you may smell within the room, even while you are the wearer.

I additionally observed myself craving for greater of it. It become an extraordinary sensation—i desired to drink the perfume, desired to cup it in my hands and hold it pressed to my face and my nose. because someway, that fading feeling by no means leaves the scent for me. it always feels just slightly out of my draw close (though do no longer take this as complaint in any manner). I’ve often puzzled if i'm anosmic to one of the notes, and if perhaps that anosmia is the reason of the sensation of rose ikebana rushing far from me. it’s a feeling i have no longer but had with any other fragrance. It’s even more difficult to recognize when paired with how sturdy and sharp the notes are: grapefruit, rose and tea aren't sensitive in this fragrance’s composition. And but, the feeling remains after more than one wearings: it’s a fragrance that plays and flirts and dances barely out of attain, refusing to be owned and absolutely regarded by means of the wearer. It’s a cute function that i haven’t again skilled.

Haven’t smelled rose ikebana your self? you may get a mild inkling of what it’s like with the aid of comparing and contrasting it with different fragrances which you would possibly already realize. It has the rose of hermes kelly caleche edp, but is lacking the leather-based completely, and has the addition of grapefruit and tea. Consequently, you might locate them extremely barely similar, however they remain appreciably one of a kind. To your series, you’ll truely need both.

I discover rose ikebana most similar to the now-discontinued yves saint laurent’s in love again. jean claude ellena became commissioned in 1998 to create in love again as a restrained version perfume to have fun yves’s forty complete years as a fashion dressmaker. Bear in mind, this is several years before ellena turned into hired to be the special perfumer for hermes—long earlier than kelly caleche, rose ikebana or un jardin sur le nil were born. In love again is deserving of it’s personal complete review, which i can publish within the coming weeks, however in brief precis, i'm able to say that it's miles one of the great fruity florals that i've discovered. The primary pinnacle notes are rose and grapefruit, however several different notes play a vital role, in view that grapefruit itself can scent an excessive amount of like cat pee when completed incorrect, and rose may be so powdery and dull. Jce brought black currant to the top, to create that barely-sweet fruity nice, and sandalwood and musk to the base. if worn in warmness, the drydown starts offevolved faster and lasts a good deal longer, with the musk growing larger. I’m now not a massive fan of musk, but in the drydown of in love again, it stays smooth and woody. In reality, the drydown reminds me of the previous couple of moments of the later-created un jardin sur le nil, if both are in comparison on skin and inside the warmth. Indexed on fragrantica, tomato stem is also listed inside the perfume base for in love again--- though i admit that i don’t hit upon it in that fragrance at all. As an alternative, i now and again think i find it inside the middle notes of rose ikebana, and it's far all the better if genuine (even though i’ve never visible tomato stem indexed as a observe for rose ikebana everywhere).

So, how do rose ikebana and yves saint laurent in love once more evaluate? pretty definitely, in love once more is the younger model of the identical composition. In the event that they were women, i might say that rose ikebana is in love once more all grown up, after she went to harvard, hired a stylist, and had a nostril activity. Rose ikebana is fairly comparable, even though missing the musk in the base, and with the addition of rhubarb in preference to berry/currants, and the damp addition of tea. The essential change is rhubarb for berry/currants, making it some distance less fruity. In reality, i don’t suppose you can classify rose ikebana as a fruity floral at all. rose ikebana is more formal, and she loves you less. she doesn’t pretty believe you and she’s no longer very intimate. You’ll usually love her from arm’s period.

Replace: 3 hours in: no tea detectable at this factor: commonly purple grapefruit, a tad little bit of rhubarb, and rose. remarkably comparable (though less musky by a few hairs) to ila.

Right here’s a surprise: fragrantica classifies rose ikebana as a woody/highly spiced perfume. perhaps the individual appearing this category turned into best studying the notes, because certainly, it does listing red pepper (but it additionally lists magnolia, which i don’t hit upon). but it’s hardly ever a woody/highly spiced fragrance (this calls to mind some thing more like poivre sacremande). i'm not sure how i might in my view classify this fragrance. tart floral? citrus floral? it’s a completely unique area of interest fragrance, defying clean classification.

Rose ikebana has decent lasting power. i’ve read that others have been unhappy with how lengthy it lasts, however perhaps it’s because they count on the top notes to final all day, which of route they don’t. on pores and skin, the perfume develops. It looses the tea, develops a completely, very slight wood inside the base, and in particular maintains the sparkly bubbling grapefruit/rose/citrus/rhubarb features. in case you would really like to increase the top notes, i’d endorse spraying it on cloth. on material, rose ikebana fragrance wafts all day and remains all pinnacle. You can nonetheless smell the tea  days later. Plus, you can wear a exceptional fragrance and maintain this gem tucked into your desk all day, or by means of your bedside, while you get a craving for some thing lovely.
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Juan Perez of Exotic Island Perfumes

Today i'm wafting a tropical scent inside the high-quality of fashions. Straight from puerto rico from exotic island perfumer, juan perez, i've were given gardenia absoluta. It is precisely what it appears like: a gardenia-centric heady scent.

Right here are the notes:
Clementine, bergamot, purple fruits, gardenia, white flowers, white pepper, ambergris, mahogany, teak wooden, sandalwood and white musk.

It smells of gardenias in a timber box, sprinkled with pepper. a touch heady, feminine-leaning, and lengthy-sporting, this perfume is wonderful and common of juan's deft work with florals. very tropical. very much "yes."

get it on etsy at exoticislandaromas.

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Monday, October 16, 2017

History of Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel

Gabrielle Chanel was conceived in Saumur, France on the eighteenth August 1883, and raised in a shelter. For a couple of years she filled in as a shopgirl for milliners and couture fashioners. With the learning she picked up from working, she built up her own particular design shop in Deauville France. She then later moves the shop to 31 lament Cambon, Paris in 1918.

The fragrance of Chanel No. 5 was universally mainstream with ladies of high society specifically. "La Société des Parfums Chanel" was established in 1924 to deliver and offer fragrances and excellence items. Supposedly, the mark fragrance was a consequence of her confidence in superstitions. She was booked to demonstrate her accumulation on the fifth day of the fifth month. Chanel expressed her fortunate number was 5.
history perfume

In 1931, she was addressed about her disposition toward scents, particularly the bloom aromas, Mlle. Chanel stated: "Genuine aroma is strange, however the scent which numerous ladies utilize isn't secretive. Ladies are not blooms. For what reason should they need to possess an aroma similar to blossoms?" I like roses, and the resemble the rose is exceptionally excellent, however I don't need a lady to possess an aroma similar to a rose."

In 1924, Pierre Wertheimer and his sibling Paul progressed toward becoming Coco Chanel's accomplices in the House of Chanel fragrance business. Two years previously, in

1922, the aroma Chanel No. 5 had been presented and Ms Chanel required the Wertheimers' broad involvement in trade, their American business associations, and their money to completely create and showcase the item. Amid their association, Wertheimer possessed 70% of the Chanel aroma organization. Chanel claimed 10% and Chanel's companion, Théophile Bader, possessed the staying 20%.

Despondent with the nature of the fragrances that the Wertheimers were offering in her name through their recently printed Chanel, Inc. organization in the USA, in 1945, Gabrielle took matters into her own hands.

In the wake of finding a little perfumer in Switzerland to deliver her new scents utilizing the remainder of her crude materials, she began another aroma line individually and started making a line of focused aromas, in view of the firsts. She named them "Mademoiselle Chanel No.5", , "Mademoiselle Chanel 31 regret Cambon". The perfumer additionally made new forms of Ernest Beaux's manifestations and renamed them "Mademoiselle Chanel Bois des Iles" and "Mademoiselle Chanel Cuir de Russie."

Gabrielle Chanel gave legal advisor, Rene de Chambrun a few modest containers to provide for his significant other. She at that point inquired as to whether it were conceivable that she could make these up from her own home, and Chambrun announced that she could, gave that she could just give them as "blessings". Chambrun's significant other delighted in the fragrance and a Russian "nose" likewise concurred and they both regarded the aroma "perfect". A Swiss perfumer was told by Gabrielle to make up a hundred jugs of her different aromas.

To get around the trademark for the container outline, she utilized tube shaped jugs with inclining shoulder and finished with circle molded, ground glass stoppers.These bottles were likewise utilized by D'Orsay for a few of their fragrances. To finish the jugs Gabrielle utilized an eye getting red mark with white lettering, in a shortsighted text style, consistent with her style of moderation.

She at that point began offering the scents in her boutique. Chambrun erroneously trusted that she was allowed to do as such in her agreement with the Wertheimers. The Wertheimers differ and asserted she was falsifying their result of which they claimed the trademark names. In 1946, a claim amongst her and the Wertheimers resulted. They went to her boutique and grabbed every last bit of her jugs marked "Mademoiselle Chanel No. 5". Another settlement was come to and, she was permitted to offer scents under the name "Mademoiselle Chanel" yet was not permitted to utilize the number 5 in conjunction with any of her fragrances.

Staying faithful to her commitment to Chambrun and Maitre Chresteil, leader of the French Bar Association, she prefixed each fragrance with "Mademoiselle Chanel" and sent them as endowments to her companions, Hollywood's own Samuel Goldwyn and proprietors of the two most productive retail establishments in New York Neiman Marcus and Bernard Gimbel.

She stopped the creation of these scents in 1947. Who was the Swiss perfumer? Nobody knows. Gabrielle never uncovered his name openly.

As per Forbes Magazine, the House of Chanel is mutually possessed by Pierre Wertheimer's grandsons. Purchased by Wertheimer Family of Germany in c1995.

Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel passed on tenth January 1971.

The attire line mark is presently headed by German-conceived originator Karl Lagerfeld.
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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Perfume Memoire Cherie by Elizabeth Arden c1956

Memoire cherie become this kind of success that with the aid of 1960, it was provided the grand coupe d'or award by the comite du bon gout francais.

    "Elizabeth Arden has been offered the treasured coupe d’or of Francee for “terrific achievement in the improvement of memoire cherie, the finest perfume ever created and acclaimed through france.”

  •     memoire cherie fragrance mist brought in 1957.
  •     memoire cherie flower mist launched in december 1963.
  •     the weekender kit became created around 1964.

    “Elizabeth Arden presents for christmas memoire cherie flower mist. a brand new flowering just in time for christmas! this sensitive rendering of the sector’s most prized fragrance lends an charisma of attraction to at least one’s lighter moments. a memorable gift! in a beautiful bottle frosted in bas comfort. $four.50”

 May also 1964:

    "elizabeth arden makes this spring memorable with the new memoire cherie duet ... the sector’s maximum prized perfume* can now be yours in an interesting aggregate, a beautiful golden aerosol atomizer of memoire cherie fragrance mist together with memoire cherie dusting powder, bear in mind all of your pals all the days of springtime with the memoire cherie duet. and don’t overlook your self! for springtime most effective $6.00."

it changed into available in the following:

  •  parfum dusting powder
  •     perfume mist
  •     flower mist
  •     eau de parfum tub oil
  •     bathtub essence
  •     bathtub soap
  •     frame lotion (moisture tub)
  •     fluffy milk tub
  •     perfumed candle

Perfume composition:

So what does it scent like? it's far categorised as a floral powdery aldehydic fragrance for girls with refreshing woodsy notes. It starts with a fresh aldehydic pinnacle, followed by means of a sweet floral coronary heart, resting on a heat, powdery, mossy base.

1.    pinnacle notes: aldehydes, mandarin, orange blossom, clary sage, sicilian bergamot, mexican neroli, fresh apricot
2.   middle notes: honey, carnation, ylang ylang, orchid, romanian chamomile, jasmine, tarragon, honey, oriental rose, violet
3.   base notes: opoponax, civet, leather-based, moroccan oakmoss, amber, musk, and haitian vetiver

Destiny of the perfume:

The perfume changed into discontinued someday inside the early to mid Eighties. i should best find commercials for the fragrance up till 1980.

Irma shorell, inc. is the modern-day owner of united states patent and trademark office registration no. 2,427,336 for the memoire cherie trademark for perfume and different perfume products, however no longer the method.

Perfumery comments, "a memorable deception indeed, layers and layers of beauty..every with a one-of-a-kind face. memoire cherie perfume starts offevolved with a classically constructed 50's woody-floral accord, tightly wrapped collectively; dense and watching for air. after a second of hesitation, memoire cherie escapes and descends right into a rich and terrific oriental accord; creamy, nutty and sensual past perception. it is as though the fragrance walked out of the room and came returned in a new outfit. this great heat amber musk tone has a gentle floralcy which dances across the base and consists of on for hours and hours. at the quit, the oriental base settles down under the floralcy and memoire cherie walks quietly into the night time. " -- Jeffrey dame

word: please understand that this website is not affiliated with the elizabeth arden corporation in any way, it is most effective a reference page for creditors and people who have enjoyed the elizabeth arden fragrances. 

the intention of this internet site is to show the existing owners of the elizabeth arden enterprise how plenty we pass over the discontinued classics together with the unique memoire cherie and with a bit of luck, in the event that they see that there is sufficient hobby and call for, they will convey lower back the perfume!

please depart a comment beneath (for instance: of why you preferred the fragrance, describe the scent, term or age you wore it, who gave it to you or what occasion, any unique recollections), who knows, possibly a person from the enterprise would possibly see it.
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Fragrance industry with huge manufacturers, area of interest gamers and celebrities

The fragrance industry goes via exclusive phases and searching into the traits, what with the mergers, acquisitions, take-overs and earnings reports, as well as the perfume excellent-sellers lists, is always interesting in its personal manner. In keeping with the latest reportage there are news in what concerns big gamers and the persevering with increase of niche inside the market segmentation.

As per the bbc news, "coty - the big apple beauty logo behind well-known names which includes calvin klein, marc jacobs, gucci, hugo boss and chloe - has faced headwinds this 12 months.
In august, it said a marvel quarterly loss that became partially blamed on "materially" higher advertising and marketing expenses for the launch of new fragrances, along with gucci bloom and hugo boss tonic.
L'oreal, which sells fragrances underneath manufacturers such as yves saint laurent, ralph lauren and diesel, additionally suggested disappointing sales and profits for its most current region." 

It is thrilling to observe one particular element which might be explaining the differentiation of area of interest in sensible terms for clients.

Again in line with bbc information, "[market research firm]mintel estimates uk income might be well worth about £1.5bn this yr, making it the 5th-largest marketplace globally in the back of brazil, the united states, russia and france. As with different retail sectors, she says one of the troubles is savvy customers who strive out merchandise in a physical store however then go online to shop for it for much less." 

Area of interest perfumes by way of default provide less sampling opportunities in save and in addition they have distinctive income practices regarding save distributions and to the sales bonuses of the sales assistants pushing them.

The records for the celeb fragrances but seems contradicting. One supply (mintel to be particular) "releasing a fragrance emblazoned with the call of a superstar, consisting of britney spears, beyonce or jennifer lopez - seems to be waning. A 3rd of consumers describe this method as cheesy."
The washington submit cites that income of movie star scents "have dropped by 1/2 due to the fact 2000, while luxury perfumes have seen a current income growth of 16 percent, bringing them to a file high".  there is although the counter argument.

In an charm article touting the great of many movie star fragrances (and certainly we've got shared a chunk of the affection, whilst deserved, on these very pages) there'll usually be a place for movie star scents. "we enjoy them no longer as people, but as products, consuming anything music, picture, or product they pick to release. They are no longer so much revealing themselves to us, but continuing to construct the individual they are projecting themselves to be. We're falling in love with someone we can in no way recognise.
Fragrance news

In that manner, celebrity fragrances are one of a kind than scents from the large houses — the armanis and chanels. While emblem loyalty is truly a thing in what enables fragrances from the huge guys fly off of the cabinets every season (now not without the help of a movie star as the face of the brand and heady scent) superstar scents tap right into a specific a part of our psyche." and concluding "the fashion of movie star fragrances will best completely die out whilst our collective obsession with movie star does — that is to say, not any time within the close to destiny."

Really worth maintaining in mind.
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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Hermes 24 faubourg review

Named after the famed "faux bourg" rue of faubourg saint-honoré in the 8eme arrondisement in paris, where the headquarters of the dumas-own family luxurious house are located, 24, faubourg was immersed in luxury from the very starting; to the manor born.

Like many perfume enthusiasts i am now not averse to luxurious per se. Luxurious and luxuria pose an exciting idea; luxuria is the latin name for...Lust. One of the 7 deadly sins. Luxurious lovers do lust over the objects in their desire, do they not?  desire is sparked by way of lack. Lack creates eros, the urge to fill the dearth, the platonic perfect of uniting two components that once made an entire. It is a metaphorical concept. Explains why brands hold us on our feet trying to find the part it really is missing!

In rebelliousness in opposition to social elegance and perhaps due to anti-snobbism on my component (or is it simply plain snobbism in reverse, i on occasion wonder?) i have kept away from conscious overt exhibition of the insignia of wealth and embracing the lowly and the common-or-garden on motive. Examine that drugstore object, isn't always it fantastic? And that zara fragrance at a fragment of the price of a designer one, yet made by means of puig simply the identical? Who desires emblems and frou frou, it is the best in things that matters. The axiom of coco chanel has always guided me. It would be quite inelegant to grasp a 50 carat diamond from one's neck, as genuinely as it might be gauche to hold a test from it. So why indulge in the luxuria of capitalism? Wanting more, exhibiting more?

I have been perfectly satisfied going for my esoteric woody incenses for normal put on. People generally don't even ascribe the aromas emanating from my humble man or woman as "perfume", even when they prefer them. It's no longer like coco mademoiselle, "hi there, you're sporting fragrance". I think it's like i simply left vespers or some thing or have been spending a number of time on the library, which is not uncommon come to think of it. I am additionally huge on white florals and on highly spiced orientals, although these have a tougher time passing under the radar of "perfume attention". Not that it absolutely bothers me if they do make humans word. In any case, many a time a powerful fragrance has sparked an interesting communique. People united by using scent are people united at breath, it is a powerful connection.

The fragrance of 24, faubourg is floral, undeniably floral, white floral drenched in honeyed tones, to be actual, now not just "a floral".  it is the floral to give up all florals, and yet it's now not only floral. In its problematic, byzantine bouquet i'm able to hit upon resins, balsams, fruit (fuzzy peaches and tangy citruses), a gentle powderiness of orris, some wood, some thing intangible, something aching to overreach...Sounds like everything and the kitchen sink (same thought with the original feminine boucheron ) and yet it isn't always that in impact. As an alternative, a superbly judged, lush, pleasing, calorific, dare i say it, yes, i'm able to, wealthy impact comes out of that adorable bottle formed like acarré silk scarf that the dumas house is famous the world over for.
Despite the fact that the orange blossom and the jasmine and the (as a substitute less copious within the blend) gardenia owe as lots to analytical chemistry as they owe to nature's laboratory, the revel in looks like a silken thread woven with the aid of some wonderful insect with lovely wings in an engulfing tropical greenhouse.
The allusion to the solar is nowhere greater obvious than inside the advertising pictures which mirror the golden, ambery aura of the heady scent. I wrote earlier than that "solar notes" stand for heat and luminosityand despite the fact that this is not specifically salicylates-focused, it does smell snuggly and jovial and paying homage to the contact of the solar.

Perfect for the indian summer days and evenings we are going via then!
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